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How does it work?

1. Property Inspection

One of our certified drainage experts will complete an inspection of your property at your convenience. This normally takes 30 minutes or less, where we focus on gathering topography data, measurements, and your direct feedback.

We welcome any questions, comments, or concerns you may have during our visit and initial conversation.

2. Customized Proposal

Using the collected data, we prepare a bespoke proposal which outlines our precise recommendations to ensure your new drain network will address the areas of flood risk that we identify during the first phase.

Once you review and approve of our proposal, we will schedule the installation at your earliest convenience, to ensure a rapid and effective drainage on your property for years to come.

3. System Installation

We begin installation of the landscaping drainage system according to our proposal, as expediently as possible. Total completion time will vary based on property size, problem complexity, and other stipulations unique to your property and ongoing flood risk.

Our goal is to make the installation as seamless as possible, focusing on delivering the ideal solution to your needs.

4. Validated Results

Once the system has been installed, we complete a series of rigorous tests to ensure maximum efficiency in the most unpredictable weather scenarios.

The project will not be considered successful until 100% of the test cases are validated. All testing results are shared with you during the closeout phase to confirm the system will remain healthy and resilient long-term.

5. Continuous Support

All new systems include 2 years of warranty (parts & labor), which gives added peace of mind the system will remain performant for the longer-term, and ensure we adhere to the highest quality standards for which we are respected.

Optionally, this coverage can be extended year-to-year to protect the investment in continuing to effectively drain stagnant or excess water from your property.

100% Success rate in solving yard drainage challenges

Common Drainage Issues

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Houston Drainage Contractor

Understanding Flood Risk

Houston’s weather remains volatile year-round, especially during the seven months of Hurricane Season (May 1st – December 1st) where flash flooding and excessive unwanted water or stagnant water is expected. It is important to understand what is at risk for as long as your home lacks a Hybrid Flood Mitigation system, and as a result, is not prepared for the next major storm.

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Average cost to repair per 1-inch of flood damage


Families displaced from their homes during Hurricane Harvey

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Time to recover from flood loss including demo, repairs and renovation

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Average impact of disaster event on yearly household income

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Damaged homes during Hurricane Harvey

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Houston, Texas homes in flood plain

Houston Drainage Specialists

Why Choose Flood Mitigators?

As a trusted landscape drainage contractor in Houston, Texas, we exclusively focus on delivering the best in class storm-ready landscape drainage solutions for residential property owners. This means our expertise runs deep in the scope of flood mitigation technology to efficiently and reliably resolve your unique drainage issue in order to continuously reduce the risk of water damage to your home.

Flood Mitigators specialize in catch basin, channel drain, drainage system installation, maintenance and repair, foundation drainage, yard drainage, french drain, flowerbed drainage, drainage pipes, grading retaining walls, and sump pump installation, among many storm water drainage solutions.

100% System Reliability

Flood Mitigators is a professional landscape drainage contractor. Our landscape drainage solutions are designed specifically to your property's drainage needs in order to consistently deliver optimal performance under the most stressful conditions. Our internally crafted approach is not easily replicated in performance or execution efficacy through competitor offerings.

Specifically Designed for You

No two homes are ever exactly alike, especially when it concerns land topography, or specific areas on a property where water pools together and presents a growing risk. As such, each HFM system is designed, installed, and maintained for providing a direct remedy to the unique drainage challenges you experience during flash floods, hurricanes, and other inclination of weather. For instance, the French drain installation is a type of drainage system that consists of a trench filled with gravel or rock. It includes a perforated pipe that is used to redirect water away from the intended location.

Storm Readiness

Our system ensures the optimal drainage capacity in all use cases, regardless of weather condition. Each installation is completed with this front of mind to ensure we produce the most impactful and expedient results possible. This is inclusive on not just the initial install of the system, but also, the ongoing dependability of performance during times of duress. Built-in redundancy prepares the system for resiliency during disaster scenarios, such that performance will persist through potential critical failures.

Long-Term Peace of Mind

In a conventional configuration, the drainage installation is expected to last approximately 10 years with regular maintenance and care due to the high level of quality in both our materials and installation process. While replacement of some components may be needed after this period, it is highly unlikely to necessitate a completely new system to be installed. In addition, the modular nature of the HFM system allows for capacity upgrades to happen easily and affordably in the future.

Superior & Consistent Results

In a conventional configuration and 2 years of parts & labor warranty with every install, your property will be ready for storm season. While replacement of some components may be needed after this period, it is highly unlikely to necessitate a completely new system to be installed. In addition, the modular nature of the HFM system allows for capacity upgrades to happen easily and affordably in the future.

A hybrid flood drainage system installed by Flood Mitigators, a Houston yard drainage contractor.
A French flood drainage system installed by Flood Mitigators, an experienced landscape drainage contractor near Houston, Texas.
A flood drainage system installed by Flood Mitigators, a drainage contractor near Houston, Texas.
A flood drainage system installed by Flood Mitigators, a top-rated Houston drainage contractor.

Houston Landscape Drainage Experts

Landscape Drainage System Benefits

There are several key benefits to every Hybrid Flood Mitigation drainage system we install that provides a compelling value proposition, while maintaining exceptional returns on investment in both the short and the long term. In addition, we are the only business that specializes in residential drainage systems exclusively, giving us added exposure to common and new challenges encountered by homeowners every day.


Gallons per day mitigated by a standard Flood Mitigators Drainage System


Days of the year your property will remain ready for the next intense storm

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Average appreciation in property value with a bespoke flood mitigation system installed

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Availability of award-winning support from our locally-based team

Core Business Values

10+ years of industry experience

Flood Mitigators is a top yard drainage contractor based in Houston, TX . The HFM Drainage System is the only solution offered with modern technology and custom design to guarantee maximum performance and dependability in the most dire weather conditions.

Our systems are installed with this resiliency in mind to ensure our customers with superior results, quality components, and an exceptional end-to-end white glove customer service experience.

Since no two properties are ever the same, we take a measured and detailed approach to designing, planning and implementing drainage solutions. Each system is uniquely designed to address the specific flood related problems that exist or will create a risk of potential damages in the future.

Earning Your Trust

We have a genuine vested interest in not just the successful installation of our system, but also its direct impact to preserving your valuables, home, and family. We are always just a quick phone call or email away whenever you support for any questions or concerns regarding your custom drainage system.

Delivering Continuity

It doesn't do anyone any good if the system performs when it is a dry sunny day, but fails to operate as expected during times of volatile weather. As such our systems are designed with consistent reliability in mind, to perform day-in and day-out, 24/7/365 with minimal downtime or obstructions.

Dependable Solutions

Flood Mitigators is committed to developing custom solutions that are both effective and long-lasting. Our top priority is to ensure the results mee our exceptionally high standard for quality of work. Our focus on details has a profound impact on the overall results.

Focus on Sustainability

Through our incorporation of the latest technology, we can ensure the system remains as self sustained as possible. This means ensuring that maintenance is conducted on a timely basis, as well as responding to emergency losses of functionality in short order with steadfast solutions.

Questions? Comments? Let's Chat.

Remember, all inspections and inquiries are 100% free, and without obligations or strings attached. Whether you have specific points to discuss, or would simply like more general information, we would love to hear from you and are happy to provide guidance as needed. 

If you are experiencing any drainage issues related to water accumulation, erosion, or problems in your yard, foundation, or flowerbed, schedule an appointment with Flood Mitigators, your drainage installation experts in Houston, Texas.

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