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Bespoke Flood Mitigation

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Key Features

Storm-Ready Capacity

Unlike conventional French Drains, HFM systems will not become overwhelmed with an inclination of weather, flash flooding, or even during a hurricane. We put together each system with this front of mind to ensure that it remains as storm-ready as possible to maximize performance and longevity. This means an output of water that is at least 10 times faster than a normal drain system.

Unmatched Reliability

Every HFM system comes with built in resiliency in several forms, including but not limited to dual switch pumps and battery backups as core features. For added peace of mind, there are additional components that can be included in your system depending on your severity of needs. The system is designed to remain as resilient as possible for as long as possible in the most severe conditions.

System Monitoring

The long-term and continuous performance of every system we install is of the upmost importance to our business. As such, we offer optional monitoring enhancements to your system, which allow us to maintain 24/7 visibility into the overall health, capacity, and ongoing durability of your system. Should there be any issues, we will automatically schedule a service call at your convenience.

Filter Downspouts

In order to preserve the performance of your system, it comes pre-designed with circumvention of anything that may obstruct or block the system from performing. This means using substance filters where appropriate to ensure that only water is falling into the system, this helps limit bottlenecks and keeps it maintainable for the longest period of time possible.

XL Catch Basins

Conventional drainage solutions are generally focused on cost cutting measures, which makes it more affordable for inferior performance. Unfortunately, this is not sufficient for Houston's unpredictable weather, as such, all HFM systems come standard with XL catch basins. This is important to keep up a large output of water expulsion from your yard to the output point, where it will no longer be a flooding risk.

Channel Drains

Channel drains, trench drains or strip drains are linear drainage applications used to prevent surface and rain water from flooding garages, basements, driveways and gardens. This can provide a tremendous benefit for specific areas around your home where water pools in one particular location. These drains are also used to control water flow on your property's area by reducing the stress being put on the system.

French Drain

All installations function as a french drain (which completely relies on gravity for movement) in the most catastrophic conditions where the HFM system has lost power, and the redundancies are not working as expected. Due to our larger sizing of each component, water will still move out at a steady pace, and in the right direction, but at a limited capacity lower than the usual performance.

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Optimal Performance

The purpose of an HFM system is not only to simply function, but to function at the highest output possible, for as long as possible, under any and all conditions. This provides peace of mind that even in the worst conditions, the system will continue to achieve its prime directive of keeping your property and loved ones as dry and as safe from flood risk as possible.

XL Drain Lines

It is important to remember that not all stormwater is created the same, as such it is important to plan for potential debris, chemicals, or any other unknown that may enter the system as part of storms. This ensures maximum capacity such that there is a complete elimination of water stagnation to keep your property dry and secure.

Exceptional Results

We design & install storm-ready flood mitigation to reduce flood risk to your property from unpredictable Houston weather


Residential Drain Repair

Endless Layers of Dependability

While there are many different preventative measures to help your home prepare for the next flooding event, only our Hybrid Flood Mitigation System is specifically designed to be storm-ready for the next disaster that comes to Houston. This means every system has multiple layers of carefully configured resiliency, such that it will continue to function in the most severe weather to provide the peace of mind of reduced flood risk to your home; even an event of complete loss of power or output capacity.

High Throughput French Drain

At the base level, all HFM systems function as a french drain in the event where there is a complete loss of power. This provides assurance that no matter the severity, water will continue to flow out in the right direction.

Dual Switch Pump

All HFM system installations come standard with a dual switch sump pump and a 2-year parts & labor warranty, ensuring your investment is covered to optimize maintenance and performance

Battery Backup

Adding another layer of resiliency in performance is a premium backup package featuring 2 marine batteries and a dedicated inverter; maintaining the maximum power to your system even in the worst situations.

Backup Pumps

For heavier throughput use cases or larger properties, it would be wise to add one or more backup pumps that can switch into active mode when the primary fails. This provides several layers of defense against severe conditions which may cause the primary modes to fail.

Water Pressure Backup

No power? No problem. We can easily add this layer of redundancy with a dedicated water line, and the appropriate components to trigger in the event of a complete electrical failure. This will ensure the system remains consistently performant at maximum capacity even if the primary or secondary sources of power are compromised.

Solid State Float Switch

For added reliability, switch out the conventional mechanical float switch for one a solid state switch (that is, it has no moving parts). This allows the system to operate with even greater efficiency such that there is less maintenance required overall, while maintaining maximum output of stormwater

Drain Service Maintenance

Long-Term Sustainability

We are committed to providing the best service possible in order to deliver the maximum performance in each and every system we install or repair. This means preserving the state of the drainage system as much as possible, under all possible weather conditions. In order to do this, we must be mindful of mitigating any performance issues such as potential debris or obstruction that would prevent water from properly draining out to a safe area.

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